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Awaken Your Inner Sorcerer and Unlock Your MAGIC!

Are you feeling ungrounded and unsure of your Path? Is this world becoming too demanding and overwhelming? This program will teach you how to align with the Earth Mother as our Ancestors did. In doing so you will become calmer, feel empowered and uncover your Soul’s Purpose. You will discover your Power and work with the Law of Attraction to Manifest what You Desire!

Following the Sacred Ways will teach you to re-align with Mother Earth and discover Your Soul’s Purpose. You will move within the Earths Rhythm, feel her Heartbeat and become part of her Cycle. The Rituals will unlock ancient knowledge and awaken the Inner Witch or Magician. 

Find your MAGIC!

During the course of the Program you will:

  • Learn the Mysteries Of the Craft
  • Unlock Your Soul’s purpose
  • Uncover Your Strengths
  • Befriend Your Weaknesses
  • Join in Ancient Rituals
  • Work with the Guardians and the Elements
  • Align with the Goddesses or Gods
  • Understand Freedom
  • Learn Divination
  • Tarot explained
  • Scrying

Investment: $2,720.00 Eight weekends – Starting February 2, 2018 Imbolc


Samhain ~ November 3/4, 2018

Yule ~ December 22/23, 2018

Imbolc ~ February 2/3, 2019

Ostra ~ March 23/24, 2019

Beltane ~ May 4/5, 2019

Litha ~ June 22/23, 2019

Lammas ~ August 10/11, 2019

Mabon ~ September 21/22, 2019

$340.00 deposit secures space.  

Payment plans are available! Contact me to discuss.

To Register or for more information Contact: Hanna Raven Song at [email protected] or (905) 535 0058

Let It Be Done That It Harm No-one!